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Theory & Hazard Perception

It is necessary for everyone to complete a Motorcycle Theory Test with the Hazard Perception test before taking the Practical Test.


Motorcycle Theory tests at Arrow Rider Training Chester

The Hazard Perception test

Prices for the test are available upon request, just give us a call, and we can even book it for you!


At Arrow, theory test tuition is provided free of charge on our computer simulator. It uses the latest software and is identical to the real Theory Test.





What's in the test?

The first part is multiple choice which you will take using a touch screen computer with the hazard perception section recording your responses via the computer mouse.


You do need to pass both parts and not just one or the other, or you will fail the entire test and have to take both parts again.


The questions you have to answer in the multiple choice section are specific to motorcycles, however the hazard perception test is the same for everyone with the pass mark varying according to the category of test.


Part one - multiple choice

Before the test begins you'll be given instructions on what to expect and what is expected of you, you'll also have the opportunity to have a trial run to get used to the system.


As usual with multiple choice tests you'll see a question followed by several possible answers, you need to pick the correct one by touching the screen. You might also see some questions that require more than one answer.


You will also see some questions that will be given as a case study which takes the form of a scenario upon which several multiple choice questions will be based. The scenarios are based on real life situations that you may come across whilst riding.


If you're a bit stuck, you can always come back to a question and can also have a break of up to three minutes before you carry on into the hazard perception test.


Your time limit for the multiple choice section is 57 minutes and the pass mark is 43 out of 50.


Part two - hazard perception

After your break you will get to see a short video which shows you how the hazard perception part of your test works.


Just like in real life, you'll only get one chance to respond to each developing hazard - so you won't be able to review your answers.


On the test computer, you'll be shown videos of scenes you would expect to see out on the road and in each of them there will be at least one developing hazard.


The earlier you spot the hazard, the higher the score you can achieve - up to a maximum of five per hazard.


You will see 14 video clips in the hazard perception section with 15 developing hazards and the pass mark is 44 out of 75.


The end of the test

When you've finished you can leave the room, but won't be allowed back in. The test centre staff will let you know how you got on.

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