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A1 Training Courses (125cc)

When you have completed your CBT it may be necessary to complete further training to reach the higher standard of riding needed to pass your A1 test or go on to do A2 training or Direct Access Training for a full unrestricted licence.


Click here to see a simple flow chart that shows how the A1 training program works.


To meet these needs we run the following courses:


  • 1 Day A1 Licence Course - Call for prices

    For the confident learner this 6 hour theory and practical training course may be all that is needed to go on to the next stage.
  • 2 Day A1 Licence Course - Call for prices

    For the more nervous novice this structured 12 hour theory and practical training course allows that little bit of extra time needed to master the skills and gain the confidence to progress further.

Moving on

When you have completed the A1 training you should be at a standard where you are ready for your Module One test or go on to do A2 Training (500cc) or Direct Access (650cc).


If you are still not quite ready then you can book additional refresher training if necessary!


Refresher training

At the end of a structured training course, if you are still struggling with any aspect of riding a motorcycle then it may be advisable to book additional refresher training.


Refresher lessons are also advisable if there is going to be a wait for a test date so that you dont go off the boil. Refresher training can be booked from 1 hour to a full day. The amount needed can be discussed and arranged with your instructor.

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